JacintaINK™ Greeting Cards

Birthday and Every Day

We are growing! JacintaINK™ greeting cards currently boasts almost 40 different designs with new designs being added throughout the year.

Christmas Holiday Season

JacintaINK™ has a full Christmas card line that offers both secular and religious designs.

JacintaINK™ Nature Note Cards

In Spring 2021, JacintaINK™ introduced a line of Nature Note Cards and new designs are being constantly added. Some of the collections are offered individually as well as in packages of three (3) and six (6) Nature Note Cards with matching envelopes.

JacintaINK™ Mugs

Enjoy some select JacintaINK™ designs on coffee mugs. These make a wonderful gift for any gift giving occasion. As the mugs are based on JacintaINK™ designs, many of the designs match JacintaINK™ greeting cards. When you send the mug as a gift be sure to order the matching greeting card. Current themes include birthday, friendship, Christmas and in the near future wedding, new baby and nature note designs will be added.

JacintaINK™ Merchandise (other than Mugs)

Select JacintaINK™ designs are now available on T-shirts. These designs are fun to wear for all ages and are a great gift idea.

JacintaINK™ Subscriptions

Do you know someone who would like to receive a couple of JacintaINK™ greeting cards and stamps each month as a subscription?

This is a great idea for seniors and anyone that wants to have cards on
hand and not have to go out to purchase cards (or stamps). Please note that only the Canadian version of the subscription option includes stamps.

JacintaINK™ Gift Cards-sending a smile today!

The perfect gift to send electronically to someone and let them choose their favourite JacintaINK™

product! These cards are available in $10, $20, $25, $50 or any custom amount and can be used to

purchase any JacintaINK™ item.

JacintaINK™ Digital Assets (Coming Soon)

Soon you will be able to signup to download select JacintaINK™ digital images to personalize and decorate your social media, text, and emails.